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Screw Piles Installation Glenora Edmonton Alberta Canada

Screw piles or Helical Piers are the superior foundation choice over most other building alternative in the Edmonton area. If you’re looking to repair or build a foundation using helical screw piles, then we can help.

All of the screw piles we supply and install are CCMC certified to meet or exceed government regulations for structural foundation. Engineered projects requiring permits are not a problem. We can meet any architectural engineering requirement as well as provide any required installation torque reports.

The versatility of engineered helical anchors means they can meet the demands of almost any structural foundation application. This also means they can be installed in many different types of soils and weather conditions. Installation of screw-piles is fast and easy and does not disturb the soil. Therefore, they can be installed nearly everywhere and used in every industry.

Screw Piles Installation

The hydraulic heads that we use are high torque and turn at a slow speed. These drive heads are specifically design for use with engineered screw pilings. Often contractors will use drive heads meant for augers. These drive heads spin too fast and disturb the soil, causing instability with potential for frost jacking. Additionally auger heads only put out low torque. This means these heads may not be able to achieve any engineered pile load requirements.

Trust the best, our install crews at The Edmonton Screw Pile Pros use only the right install equipment and drive heads. This means when our people install your piles, the torque is properly applied and monitored.


  • Fast Installation. With little preparation or cleanup required
  • Immediate load bearing capacity. Unlike concrete footings, the screw-anchors can be loaded immediately after installation
  • Minimal ground disturbance. As the posts do not displace the soil during installation. The ground in which they are put into is not disturbed leaving the soil more stable
  • Load Capacity Verification. During installation the torque is monitored and recorded. This indicates the soil condition in which the pilings are installed and indicated how much weight the screw pile can hold
  • Increase Load Capacity. In the field if the required installation torque is not met, helical plates or piling extensions can be added. Going deeper with extensions or adding helical plates can increase the torque to meet the engineering specifications
  • No Frost Heaving. As all metal posts are installed well below the frost line with the load bearing helical plate typically at the deepest point. Screw piles are resistant to frost heaving
  • No excavating. Because the posts simply twist into the soil there is no requirement to dig or drill any holes. This saves time and money

Helical piers, also known as helical piles, screw piles and helical anchors, help secure new foundations to the ground. They can also be used to strengthen and stabilize existing foundations. The word “helix” means having a spiral shape.

Why are my bricks cracking? My chimney leaning? My doors and windows hard to open and close? Foundation problems are due to expansive soils prevalent in the southeast. More than likely you have seen expansive soils and just did not know it. Learn more about foundation issues in Charlotte: what causes it, what the symptoms are, and and how to repair it.

Home repair is often expensive and inconvenient, and it’s possible that one of the most problematic is home foundation repair. If you are faced with this problem you mustn’t ignore it. You must make the repair as soon as possible with the help of a residential structural engineer.

For many people foundation repairs are a necessary evil when they are having settling or heaving problems with their home. Most are not up to speed on the technical aspects of structurally repairing their homes basement or foundation, so they look through the phone book or go online and look for a repair expert in their area. With little knowledge or research a foundation repair contractor is chosen based on price or convenience.

Water leaks in your basement or crawl space may be signs of serious structural problems. Being able to read these wall leaks is an art and should only be preformed by a foundation repair expert or foundation engineer. Knowledge of what your problem really is and what options that you have will not only save you money but also wasted efforts.

The helical screwpile is a versatile, environmentally friendly, and economical technology. It has lots of usages throughout such industries as transportation, communications, and civil engineering.
” Helical piers, also called helical stacks, screw stacks, and helical anchors, assistance protect new structures to the ground. They can also be utilized to enhance and stabilize existing foundations. The word “helix” suggests having a spiral shape.”

In this day and age, property owners have lots of options when confronted with a structural foundation issue. The choices consist of helical stacks, push piers, helical tie-back anchors, and plate anchors. Each one of these options must only be implemented under the supervision of a certified engineer and foundation repair work contractor.

” We have all heard the old adage “It is just as strong as its foundation.” This particularly real with your house and the additions that you make to it. When adding a deck to your home, utilizing helical anchors for its foundation gives you the security of a deep structure with the ease of setting up a helical soil screw.”
A flange is a ring or collar, typically provided with holes for bolts, and screwed or welded over completion of a tube or pipeline to permit other challenge be attached to it. Flanges are often utilized in pipes, pipelines, and building and construction zones.

Just for a minute, think about how mindful you are when you’re docking and undocking your boat. If you’re docking or undocking at your own dock, naturally, you’re being very careful not to harm your own boat or your own dock. Otherwise, if you’re not steering at your dock you’re being extremely cautious not to harm your boat, right? All of us take pride in our own residential or commercial property for a number of factors. As careful as you are, how many times have you bumped or rubbed your own dock pilings? No matter how careful you exist are numerous uncontrollable elements, such as the wind, rain, and the tide, that make a distinction in how your boat moves and action.

Ever wondered who you’re expected to call when your home’s structure is experiencing various issues? Or, possibly you’re wondering how repair work are really done. One Connecticut structure repair expert answers to your concerns.
If you have a garden that is unevenly raised, you require a retaining wall. It’s the only way to prevent soil runoff from messing the lower level.

Helical piers are created to work like giant screws. They are frequently utilized by foundation repair work professionals to stabilize sinking or settling foundations.
Understanding what is taking place listed below your structure is the primary step to having it fixed. Whether it is a settlement concern or a bowing wall, structure repair work will make your house structurally sound again.

The sinking and moving of foundations can frequently be triggered by developing a structure on increasing or restricting soil due to freezing or holding water, improperly compressed fill soils, or from bad upkeep of the dirt around the building’s structure. Whatever the reason for a frustrating settling structure, this settlement can destroy a structure’s worth and even render it risky.
Everything you ever wanted to know about hurricane shutters but didn’t know the concerns to ask.

The tender that you drag along behind your private yacht may well one day conserve your life.
” One of the most interesting elements of Marine Surveying is that on the day of evaluation you never truly know what you remain in for. I have been involved, one way or another, with all sort of boats for over thirty years and I reckon the motto of the property surveyor must be “anticipate the unforeseen.” In a fatal major company where individuals’s lives and tens of thousands of other individuals’s dollars are at danger, it pays to develop a couple of needed skills, patience and diplomacy amongst them, when handling frequently tense and in some cases downright hostile circumstances …”.

Mobile homes are usually installed on grade-level wood or cinder blocks, with the trailer wheels got rid of. They are usually skirted with vinyl or aluminum siding or painted plywood sheathing. Mobile homes are sometimes set up on cinder block structures, and it can be challenging to figure out whether the structures are installed below the frost level because the crawl spaces are generally back-filled to grade level. We’ve seen the odd mobile set up on a full-depth, ended up basement. From a tenancy point of view, there is basically little to separate such setups from lots of other manufactured homes.

The garden log cabins are established in the middle of green space and are liked by people all around the world. A garden log cabin adds glamour and style to your house. If one needs to include some extra area in the house then a log cabin is an appealing and useful answer to the issue.

” Helical piers, likewise understood as helical stacks, screw piles, and helical anchors, aid secure new structures to the ground. When including a deck to your home, utilizing helical anchors for its foundation offers you the security of a deep structure with the ease of installing a helical soil screw.”
Ever wondered who you’re expected to call when your house’s foundation is experiencing different issues? One Connecticut foundation repair work professional answers to your questions.
Mobile houses are in some cases installed on concrete block structures, and it can be challenging to figure out whether the structures are mounted listed below the frost level due to the fact that the crawl areas are typically back-filled to grade level.

This makes screw pilings the ideal choice for your next construction project. Our experienced installation pros provide the very best in engineered piling foundation installation or foundation repair at amazing value.

The Edmonton Screw Pile Pros are a supplier and installer of helical pier pilings. We offer supply, delivery and installation to residential homes and commercial developments. Proudly serving all of Edmonton and sounding areas.

Ideal for residential decks, cantilevers, fences sheds and retaining walls there are many home project where screw-in foundations can be used. Commercial builds often require cement slab support, tower anchors, sign support and support for light stands. Finally industry applications light foundations for solar farms, wind farms, power transmission towers and modular building. The economical versatility of helical piling foundations means the applications are endless.

Installing screw piles is fast, economical and non-invasive. When installed with the right equipment, there is very little disturbance to the soil. This means there is no excavating or backfill required and more foundation stability.

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