Keller Screw Piles

All keller cfa rigs are equipped with sensitive state-of-the-art instrumentation that monitors all aspects of CFA piling, including pile depth, auger rotation, penetration rate, concreting pressure, extraction rate, and over-break. The instrumentation produces an individual log for each pile that includes element identification, date, time, and operator details.

Keller’s micropile drill rigs allow installation in restricted access and low headroom interiors, allowing facility upgrades with minimal disruption to normal operations. Keller can combine our micropile technology with one or more of our other ground modification techniques to meet unique or complex project requirements cost-effectively and efficiently. Lines of micropiles …

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Bored piles / drilled shafts; Canopy / umbrella tubes; cfa piles (auger cast) Driven cast in-situ piles; driven precast piles; ductile iron piles; Franki piles; Helical / screw piles; Macropiles; Micropiles; Earth retention. Anchors – single bond length; Contiguous pile walls; Diaphragm walls / barrettes – grab; Gabions; King post / soldier …

Students must take a half-year thesis in 4F or 4S, or take a full-year thesis. Students must take at least three of AER503H1, AER506H1, ROB521H1, AER515H1, AER406H1, AER407H1 or AER525H1.; Students must take at least one of AER406H1 or AER407H1.; The Technical Elective may be chosen from any 400 or 500 level technical course offered in Engineering provided …

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