SPLASH is about connecting people to the lake and the land that surrounds it…

The SPLASH Floating Water Festival, now in its fifth year, is a feast for the senses at distinctive events (both large and small) around the lake. Each event celebrates connections to Lake Simcoe and local flavour. They pilot new ideas, build new relationships, conduct research, unite the arts and the environment, advance experiential tourism and add local economic returns.

The SPLASH rationale is that the more meaningful experiences we all have with water, the more positive memories created, the more we care. Behavioral change begins with emotion.

The SPLASH Festival is the first project of the Ontario Water Centre, an educational organization with CRA charitable status established in 2012. OWC now in start up has been nurtured by the Ladies of the Lake Conservation Association who have now merged with it.

The Ontario Water Centre’s has a balanced portfolio of projects to help people feel more connected to water, and protect and restore water in ways that stimulate the economy and benefit buy assignments communities. (see www.ontariowatercentre.ca )